Display information embedded within an image’s Exif data as well as a number of additional data fields defined by Ansel.

When hovering with the mouse over image thumbnails, the displayed data is automatically updated to show information about the image currently under the mouse cursor.

When several images are selected and the focus is not on a single image, the module only displays information that is the same for all images. If any fields differ between the images, the text “<various values>” is displayed instead.

While you are in the lighttable view, you can double-click on the filmroll field for a given image to show all images in that image’s film roll.


The “preferences…” option in the presets menu brings up a dialog with a list of all fields that are available for display.

The visible checkbox allows you to choose which fields to display. You can also drag and drop one row at a time to change the display order.

These preferences can be saved as module presets. Press the module’s reset button to make all available information visible and displayed in its default order.