Export selected images. Files can be exported to a file on disk, email, various online storage locations, a web album, or a book template. module controls storage options target storage The type of location to store your selected images. A number of different back-ends are implemented, including file on disk, LaTeX book template and various web albums. Depending on the selected target, you will be asked to provide additional information, such as filenames or account name and password.

history stack

Manipulate the history stack of one or more selected images. module controls selective copy… Copy parts of the history stack from the selected image. A dialog appears from which you may choose the items to copy from the history stack. If more than one image is selected, the history stack is taken from the image that was selected first. Double-click on a history item to copy that item only and immediately close the dialog.


Add images to the darktable library, optionally copying them from another location on the filesystem or from a connected camera. See supported file formats for more information. module controls The following buttons are shown in the module’s UI by default: Open from disk Add existing images to the darktable library without copying or moving files. If you only add a single image to the library it will be automatically loaded in the darkroom.

lua scripts installer

This module provides an interface for installing darktable lua scripts. The first time it is run, instructions are displayed in the module. It can be disabled with an option in preferences > lua options.


Select images in the lighttable according to simple criteria. module controls select all Select all images in the current collection. select none De-select all images. invert selection Select all images in the current collection that are not currently selected. select film roll Select all images in the current collection that are in the same film roll as the currently-selected images. select untouched Select all images in the current collection that have not yet been developed.

selected images

Perform actions on images that have been selected in the lighttable view. module controls The module controls are spread over two tabs for manipulating the image files and the related metadata. images tab remove Remove the selected images from the darktable library without deleting them. Removed images can no longer be viewed or edited within darktable but the image files remain on the filesystem along with any XMP sidecar files. As darktable keeps the XMP files up-to-date with your latest development history, you can fully restore your work later by re-importing the images.


Create named styles from selected images’ history stacks and apply styles to selected images. Styles can either be created within this panel or in the history stack module in the darkroom. A list of all available styles is displayed in the module. A search field above the list allows you to locate a style by name or description. This module also allows styles to be edited and deleted. Double-click on a style name to apply that style to all selected images.

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