Warning: This feature is very experimental. It is known that several elements don’t yet work in library mode. Careful testing is highly recommended.

The lua interface allows you to use Ansel from any lua script. This will load Ansel as a library and provide you with most of the lua API (Ansel is configured headless, so the functions relating to the user interface are not available).

As an example, the following program will print the list of all images in your library:

 1#!/usr/bin/env lua
 2package = require "package"
 5dt = require("Ansel")(
 6"--library", "./library.db",
 7"--datadir", "./share/Ansel",
 8"--moduledir", "./lib/Ansel",
 9"--configdir", "./configdir",
15for k,v in ipairs(dt.database) do
16   print(tostring(v))

Note the third line that points to the location of the libAnsel.so file.

Also note that the call to require returns a function that can be called only once and allows you to set Ansel’s command line parameter. The :memory: parameter to --library is useful here if you don’t want to work on your personal library.