I try my best to help everyone but there are limits I crossed in the past (working 60 h/week or debugging in bed at 2 am) that I’m not willing to cross again. Please remember that :

  1. photography might be your hobby but it is my job,
  2. there is one of me and many of you,
  3. I enjoy vacations and week-end as much as you do,
  4. office hours are 10:00 – 19:00, Paris local time (UTC+02), Monday to Friday.

Learning resources

There already is a fair deal of information around on Ansel’s usage. As Ansel is based on darktable 4.0, most tutorials on darktable 4.x (and 3.x, to a lesser extent) are still relevant, even though the GUI may be slightly different.

Getting free user support

  1. Try to use the public channels above as much as possible, in order to leave archives that can be indexed by search engines and found later to help other people,
  2. Try to use search engines as much as possible because there are good chances that your problem already has a solution, for the aforementionned reason,
  3. As a last resort, if your pictures are personal or sensitive and you don’t want to post them on the internet :
    1. Drop your files on my private cloud , in a .zip archive having a meaninful name (for example containing your email address),
    2. Send me an email  mentionning the name of the files dropped on the cloud with a description of your issue.

Individual user training

Don’t stay alone with your problems and directly book the developer to get personalized solutions. Support is given through video-conferencing with screen-sharing, using your owm photos.

Developer support

If you are considering joining forces for development and debugging, here is how I work.

Dev mentorship