Star ratings and color labels help you to sort and rank images according to your own criteria. An image’s star rating and color labels can be displayed over thumbnails in the lighttable view and filmstrip module.

star ratings

You can give an image a rating from zero to five stars. Whenever you import images, each image receives a default rating which you can define in the import module. You can also mark an image as “rejected”.

There are several ways to change a rating. While hovering the cursor over an image thumbnail, you can press a number key 0 – 5 to define the number of stars, or press R to “reject” an image. This is probably the fastest way to rate your images on first inspection of a film roll.

You can also directly click on the star icons that are overlaid on the thumbnails or in the bottom panel. Click the x to reject.

As rejecting an image removes the currently-applied star rating, you can undo the rejection by clicking x or pressing R again.

To rate multiple images at once, select those images in the lighttable or filmstrip and then press the appropriate shortcut key.

You can filter images by star rating in the top panel.

color labels

Color labels are another way to classify images, and can be used as an alternative to star ratings or to work alongside them. Each image can carry any combination of one or more color labels (red, yellow, green, blue, or purple).

You can set the color labels for a single image by hovering your cursor over the thumbnail and pressing the function keys F1 – F5, which correspond with the labels in the order given above.

To set the color labels of one or more images, select the desired images in the lighttable or filmstrip and then press the appropriate shortcut key or click the corresponding color button in the bottom panel. A color label will be added to all selected images if any of them do not currently have the label; otherwise the label will be removed from all selected images. To remove all labels (of any color) from the selected images, press the gray button.

You can filter images by color label in the collections module.