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Transitioning from darktable to Ansel

What was removed from mainstream darktable Features The tethering view  It relies on the lib GPhoto2 which is super brittle and buggy. The tethering view is merely a GUI over Gphoto2, much like Entangle . The problem is GPhoto2 is known to break something different at each new release, so it’s simply not worth the trouble to maintain a GUI over a Schrödinger cat. Use Entangle if you need to. The easter egg video game Not funny if you happen to be with a client on April 1st and your working app opens on a silly game that can’t even be closed with Ctrl+Q.


Ansel supports variable substitution in a number of modules and preference settings. For example: Defining file names in the export module Displaying image information in the darkroom’s image information line Displaying image information in the lighttable’s overlays and tooltips (see preferences > lighttable) Placing text on an image in the watermark processing module available variables The following variables are available, though they may not all be applicable in every context:

Ansel's color pipeline

Most image processing applications come from the 1990s and/or inherit a 1990s workflow. These applications processed images encoded with 8 bit unsigned integers because it was more memory- and computationally-efficient. However, due to the use of an integer format (which implies rounding errors) they had to apply a “gamma” (essentially a transfer function applying a power 1/2.2 or 1/2.4 to encode the RGB values) and increase the bit-depth in the low-lights in order to reduce rounding errors there (humans are very sensitive to low-light details).

midi device support

The shortcut mapping system has been most extensively tested with the Behringer X-Touch Mini and contains custom code to deal with the specific features of this device. All other devices are treated as “generic midi” and may or may not work (well) or need some manual setup each time. A configuration framework (possibly in lua) to support additional device-specific features is on the to do list. If you succeed in getting a midi device up and running that hasn’t been mentioned below, it would be greatly appreciated if you would provide feedback in order to assist others, if any special steps are required.

translating dtdocs

Translation of the darktable documentation is done via our Weblate instance . You can either use Weblate’s web UI to translate the documentation or download the translation from Weblate to your computer, edit it, and then upload the changes. Please do all translation work through Weblate. We will not accept pull requests directly on github to update PO files. Making a new branch in git Make a new branch to work on it in git.

You can also ask Chantal, the AI search engine.