find location

Search for a location on the map. You must be connected to the internet to use this feature. To use this module, type in a place name or address, press Enter and a list of results will be shown. Click on an item in the list and the map will zoom to that location. An outline covering that location or a pin pointing at the location will be displayed. An outline (polygon) can be used to create a user location.


Create areas or locations and organize them as hierarchical tags. A location is shown as a shape on the map when selected. Initially each location is represented as a square or circle and can be changed to a rectangle or ellipse by adjusting the shape’s width and/or height. A location can also be created from an OpenStreetMap region (city/country) polygon. To achieve this, first make sure the max polygon points parameter is large enough (some country polygons use more than 150,000 points).

map settings

Select preferred map data from various providers. Some will provide additional layers (satellite view etc.) which you can toggle. module controls map source Choose the provider to source map information from. max polygon points The find location module doesn’t display polygons with more points than this for performance reasons. Usually a country polygon has between 50,000 and 150,000 points. show OSD Choose whether to display the OSD controls at the top-left of the center view.

You can also ask Chantal, the AI search engine.