Generate a frame around the image.

The frame consists of a border (with a user-defined color) and a frame line within that border (with a second user-defined color). Various options are available to control the geometry and color of the frame.

module controls

border size
The size of the frame as a percentage of the underlying full image.
The aspect ratio of the final module output (i.e. the underlying image plus the frame)
The orientation of the frame (portrait/landscape). Select ‘auto’ for Ansel to choose the most reasonable orientation based on the underlying image.
horizontal/vertical position
Select from a set of pre-defined ratios to control where the underlying image will be positioned on the horizontal/vertical axis. You can also right click and enter your own ratio as “x/y”.
frame line size
The percentage of the frame line size, relative to the border size at its smallest part.
frame line offset
The position of the frame line, relative to the underlying image. Choose 0% for a frame line that touches the image. Choose 100% for a frame line that touches the outer border.
border color / frame line color
A pair of color selectors which allow the border and frame line colors to be defined. Clicking on the colored field will open a color selector dialog which offers a choice of commonly-used colors, or allows you to define a color in RGB color space. You can also activate a color picker to take a color probe from the image.
show guides
Tick the box to show guide overlays whenever the module is activated. Click the icon on the right to control the properties of the guides. See guides & overlays for details.