Install on Linux

The Ansel project provides an official AppImage package, built for the stable, pre-release and experimental channels. This is the recommended way of installing Ansel, since it is fresh from the repository, always up-to-date and ships updated lens databases for Lensfun (note that, on many Linux distributions, you will need to run lensfun-update-data manually after installing it.)


  • Install Fuse2,
  • Install your GPU OpenCL drivers :
    • for Nvidia GPUs, you need the proprietary driver, as Nouveau doesn’t support OpenCL
    • for AMD GPUs, ?
    • for Intel embedded GPUs, ?


[Link to latest release here]

Building manually

Building manually ensures that the software uses all available optimizations for your particular hardware, while using the pre-built package uses generic optimizations that fit all modern 64 bits architectures. When built manually, the software will be slightly faster, although the speed-ups to expect are generally limited to 0-5 %, and may not be worth the trouble for people without compilation experience.